Shipping info (Brexit Update 2021)

This store is the main landing spot for all of my new printed artwork and product announcements! I aim to keep everything under one roof for simplicity, but due to recent changes in international shipping rules due to Brexit I am no longer shipping internationally via this website. I know this makes things more awkward but I am trying my best as a small business to keep my work accessible during this difficult time.

If you are an international shopper then I still have good news for you! I have opened an Etsy store that will allow me to track new VAT charges to EU addresses and beyond. This means you can visit my Etsy store and buy work directly from me without having to pay extra handling fees from courier fees on your doorstep since this will be handled in their updated checkout system.

Due to this update in shipping charges I will be launching my ceramics on Etsy to make them accessible to everyone.

Click this link to visit my international shipping store

I'm so sorry for any inconvenience with this, I hope you can understand this is a strange time for small businesses affected by Brexit!

Big love, Toby x